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Allow Jury Service For People With Convictions

The right to a jury of one’s peers is fundamental to our justice system and our democracy – as is the ability to participate in civic duties.

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Say No To Police At Schools For Elections

Law enforcement and voting do not go together. In election after election, people are intimidated by police at the polls, especially Black and Brown voters.

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Close Our Youth Prisons!

We need to invest in our children, not imprison them in an antiquated, bloated and wasteful system.

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Action To Create NJ Reparative Justice Task Force

400 years after slavery began in America, New Jersey still suffers from extreme racial injustice. Learn more and take action for racial justice. #1619NoMore

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Action For Same-Day Voter Registration

We need to ensure New Jersey has #DemocracyInADay!

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Action To Create Baby Bonds In NJ

Support legislation to create a baby bond program to invest in NJ's families and help close the racial wealth gap.

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Action To Support Police Accountability

CRBs are an important tool for civilian oversight of police. Take Action here.

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Combat Home Appraisal Discrimination!

We need to ensure that Black families have the same ability to build wealth that white families have had for generations.

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Action To Completely Ban Police Chokeholds In NJ

Completely banning chokeholds in NJ should be uncontroversial. Tell lawmakers it's time to do that.

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