Gloucester City News reports

NEWARK, NJ—Late Tuesday, parties in LWV New Jersey v. Way reached an agreement establishing a notice and cure process for vote-by-mail ballots in New Jersey. If the district court judge accepts the agreement, voters who cast mail-in ballots in the state’s July 7 primary election will be notified of ballot issues and given the opportunity to fix them. As this agreement only applies to the July 7 primary, the case will continue until a permanent resolution is reached.

“This agreement is a significant win for New Jersey voters, and we are glad that Secretary of State Way understood that it was critical to provide a fix to New Jersey’s egregious ballot signature match process ahead of the primary election,” said Jesse Burns, executive director of the League of Women Voters of New Jersey. “We are hopeful the judge will accept our agreement so that all voters, especially disabled, elderly, and language minority voters, will be able to cast their mail-in ballots safely and with confidence, knowing that their votes won’t be rejected for signature issues without remedy or recourse.”