November 27, 2019

New Jersey Assembly Democrats Press Release

Bill to Restore Voting Rights to Persons on Parole or Probation

Asserting the right to vote as both fundamental and critical to democracy, a bill restoring voting rights to individuals on parole or probation was passed 46-23-1 in the full Assembly on Monday. The legislation is sponsored by Assembly Democrats Shavonda Sumter, Cleopatra Tucker, Jamel Holley and Britnee Timberlake.

The bill (A-5823) would remove the prohibition on voting by persons on parole and/or probation convicted for an indictable offense under any federal or state laws, which in New Jersey are offenses for crimes of the fourth through first degree.

“New Jersey can lead the nation as a model of racial justice and inclusive democracy with the enactment of this bill,” said Sumter (D-Bergen, Passaic). “The privilege to participate in the election process is a constitutional right afforded every American regardless of background, race or status. Every person of voting age should have the ability to cast their ballot without interference and without judgement of their personal history.”