September 2, 2016

robinson_blogi.jpg  Stephen L. Robinson, a former Army Ranger and wounded-warrior, was a tireless advocate for military and veteran families.  Even though Steve retired in 2001 from the military, it was his mission to focus on veteran services, programs and employment for a population often forgotten. As a Persian Gulf War Vet, Steve testified in Congress about discharging a veteran with a “personality disorder” versus “post-traumatic stress disorder”, which was the difference between the veteran getting full benefits or not.  As the Vice President for External Veteran Affairs at Prudential Financial, Steve was instrumental in NJISJ rethinking and including this important and under-served population in our vision of equal justice. While we mourn Steve’s passing, our collective sadness is surpassed only by our collective gratitude that we enjoyed the rare good fortune of working with an individual of such compassion, commitment and vision. Thank you, Steve.  You will be dearly missed.