May 10, 2022

NEWARK – The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice today issued the following reactions in response to the Governor’s proposed FY2023 budget. 

The following can be attributed to Laura Sullivan, Director of the Economic Justice Program at the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice: 

“We are heartened that the Governor has made affordable housing a priority for the state and that he will continue to protect the Affordable Housing Trust Fund for its intended purpose. In addition, we are pleased that the Governor will be allocating resources from the American Rescue Plan to build additional affordable housing in the state through the new Affordable Housing Production Fund. As we highlight in our report, Making the Two New Jerseys One, the cost of housing in New Jersey is a staggering 41% higher than in the nation overall, while 20% of New Jersey households have incomes under $35,000. Affordable housing production is imperative to ensure that all families have a safe and affordable place to live, particularly families of color who are more likely to be renters.