June 23, 2021


Institute Responds to Budget as NJ Legislature Prepares to Vote 


NEWARK – The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice today issued the following statement in response to the FY2022 budget to be voted on tomorrow in the New Jersey Legislature.

“While the budget process has lacked adequate transparency and a strong democratic process, it includes several important items when it comes to advancing racial and social justice, and we hope that New Jersey will take even bolder and more progressive steps in the future.”

In the area of economic justice:

“We are pleased to see the budget helps to expand access to affordable higher education through a continued commitment to the Community College Opportunity Grant program and the implementation of the new Garden State Guarantee, which will help more eligible students access tuition-free college at New Jersey’s two and four-year public institutions. Successful implementation of the Garden State Guarantee as well as sustained funding and increased awareness of both programs moving forward will greatly expand higher education opportunities for low-income students in New Jersey and serve to reduce racial disparities in higher education.