July 27, 2022

NEWARK – The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and the League of Women Voters of New Jersey today wrote to Gov. Murphy urging him to veto bill A3820/S2869 and conditionally veto bill A3823/S2867, both of which are on his desk awaiting action and which will, if signed, harm New Jersey’s democracy. 

Bill A3820/S2869 will change the law to no longer send unaffiliated vote-by-mail voters ballots during primary elections, but instead send these voters party affiliation forms. 

“This will create a two-tier system of rights for voters,” said the groups in the letter. “In-person unaffiliated voters will have until the primary election day to decide which party to join, but unaffiliated vote-by-mail voters will have to decide weeks in advance.”  

Bill A3823/S2867 requires counties to update voter rolls up to 10 days before the election to remove voters who are deceased.