New Jersey Reparations Council Announces Fourth Virtual Public Session

Newark, New Jersey – The first-of-its-kind New Jersey Reparations Council is gearing up for its fourth online public session.

The New Jersey Reparations Council is holding its fourth virtual session on February 8 at 6:30 PM ET, focused on health equity in the Garden State.

The council was convened by the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and launched on Juneteenth 2023. It consists of more than 55 experts organized into nine committees, all tasked with examining the state’s legacy of enslavement and racial discrimination and developing a slate of policies to address ongoing harms.

The body, chaired by Taja-Nia Henderson of Rutgers Law School and Khalil Gibran Muhammad of the Harvard Kennedy School, held its first session in September. A panel of experts discussed the history of slavery in New Jersey, from its inception as a European colony in the 17th century to its ratification of the 13th Amendment.

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