Healthy Living for All: New Jersey YMCA State Alliance Leads Charge for Health Equity, Presents Statewide Conference May 9-10 in Long Branch

As part of its continued efforts to build healthier, more resilient communities for all New Jerseyans, the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance (the Alliance) is pleased to present the 11th annual Culture of Health Conference May 9-10 at the Ocean Place Resort & Spa in Long Branch.

This year’s conference, themed “Navigating Systems for Deepening Community Impact,” promises to be the largest event of its kind in New Jersey, drawing policymakers, community leaders, social justice advocates and health professionals from all corners of the state who are dedicated to advancing health equity.

“Our shared aim for New Jersey is to create a vibrant place where all people and communities thrive, and where a person’s zip code no longer predicts their ability to live a healthy life,” said the Alliance’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Julie Gallanty.

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