Examining the need for slavery reparations in NJ

The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice launched its New Jersey Reparations Council at a virtual public meeting Tuesday night. “Although slavery shaped every aspect of New Jersey, too many believe that it never happened here,” said Ryan Haygood, president and CEO of the institute. He said setting up the Reparations Council is a necessary step in repairing harm felt by generations of families across the state.

Members of the council will study the history of slavery and its effect on the state’s racial landscape, and publish findings and recommendations on Juneteenth 2025.

“The council will not only propose bold strategic policies to repair the enduring harm to protect black people from slavery, but it will also answer the foundational question,” said Haygood. “And, that is what kind of repaired system does New Jersey need to build and invest in for Black people here to finally be free, to thrive, to win.”

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