A push for same-day voter registration once again

This new bill includes language and provisions that take into consideration feedback from lawmakers and election officials, said Henal Patel of the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice. Patel’s organization — alongside the New Jersey League of Women Voters, bill sponsors, the governor’s office, and the Department of State — discussed “agreed upon amendments” to the old bill to help create this new version.

“(We came) to an agreement on language that would give us a strong same day voter registration system that works within the system — our election process that already exists — and makes things as simple as possible while allowing our voting rights to expand,” Patel said.

Patel said the mechanics of the new bill are already in place. Currently, no one is allowed to be turned away from the polls under federal law. If an unregistered voter goes to vote, they must at least receive a provisional ballot. Election workers already go through a process to verify the voter, said Patel.

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