NJTV Online’s Brenda Flanagan reports

“Our votes were not counted. My vote, my wife and our two sons.” Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly lives in Paterson where the May 12th VBM, or vote-by-mail, election is now under investigation by state and federal authorities. He says, 3,200 votes, including his, got rejected by the Board of Elections. “I was furious. One was, I had concerns about the VBM process due to COVID-19. The postal system system really wasn’t working due to the shortage of workers.”

One losing candidate recently filed a lawsuit alleging fraud but as 6.1 million New Jersey residents prepare to cast vote-by-mail ballots in the July 7th primary Wimberly pointed out vote-by-mail challenges can arise in densely-populated cities with mail carriers overwhelmed by thousands of ballots. “Under one case, they went to a development and dropped all the VBMs by the mailbox – so basically they had to sort them out and get them to people.”