22 states allow voters to register to vote on the same day that they cast their ballot – up to and on Election Day.

New Jersey is not one of them.

New Jersey’s deadline of three weeks before Election Day to register is arbitrary and unnecessarily disenfranchises people.

It’s time to pass same-day voter registration.

Same-day registration can lead to a 5% voter turnout increase, with as much as a 10 percentage point turnout increase among 18 to 24-year-olds.

Establishing same-day voter registration also promotes racial justice, as Black and Brown voters are often purged from voter rolls at higher rates. The same is true for young people. Same-day registration is also secure.

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Tell elected officials to support A1966/S247 – same-day registration in New Jersey – so we can exercise #DemocracyInADay

Please visit our Action Center for other ways to promote racial and social justice in New Jersey.

States with Same Day and Election Day Registration

Map Source: ncsl.org. For more information and interactive version, go here.