Coalition of Housing and Racial Justice Advocates Seeks NJ State Court Measures to Protect the Rights of Tenants in an Oncoming Wave of Evictions


A coalition of 29 housing and racial justice advocates have signed a letter to the Administrative Director of the New Jersey Courts requesting that the courts enforce compliance with federal law in all eviction filings and ensure constitutional due process in court-ordered mediation and settlement conferences in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These advocates warn that mass eviction threatens further harm to communities already devastated by the coronavirus, especially communities of color. Failure to take proper measures will cause mounting displacement and homelessness, in addition to risking vulnerable citizens’ due process rights. Already deprived of economic resources, a political voice, and easy access to legal representation, such communities face widespread devastation. The coalition’s letter identifies more than 30 jurisdictions across the country that have taken additional steps to protect the rights of tenants. The advocates urge the New Jersey courts to adopt similar measures.