We are building this robust campaign from our communities up, powered by partners like you.  To help us keep our youth in their communities, and out of youth prisons, we ask you to join us in taking the following three steps today:   

1.      MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Call the legislators from Middlesex and Burlington counties to tell them you support closing Jamesburg and Hayes and creating a community-based system of care. Please click here for a listing of legislators, their contact information, and a script.

2.      LEARN ABOUT AVAILABLE RESOURCES! What will a community-based system of care look like? What youth programming is currently available in your county? Learn the answers to these questions by contacting your county’s Youth Services Commission. Each county’s Youth Services Commission is responsible for county youth programming, from prevention and diversion, through reentry services. Please click here for a listing of Youth Services Commissions.

3.      BECOME AN ADVOCATE FOR THE 150 YEARS IS ENOUGH CAMPAIGN!  Help us recruit volunteers; share information; assist with Campaign rallies and events; and join us in advocating for a new youth justice system. Youth and families who have been directly impacted by the juvenile justice system are strongly encouraged to join us as advocates. For more information, please contact our Juvenile Justice Campaign Manager Retha Onitiri at ronitiri@njisj.org.